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One of the biggest and loudest clubs in the world. The perfect place for 24 hour party people. Enjoy!

Ushuaia Ibiza Table Price

Inaugurated at 2011, Ushuaia offers a concept totally different of the nightlife that has revolutionized the White island. Luxurious, splendid, glamorous, ostentatious and ultimately are the words for describing this amazing place, but first, take a look at the table prices.

The table prices at Ushuaia Ibiza depends on of the party and event, so we highly recommend you to contact us – before you come to Ibiza- and we’ll arrange everything for you from the most strict exclusivity.

We could say that Ushuaia is the Pool Party concept, Outdoor concert and Vip Club, all in one. The large capacity of the Main Room area can house thousands of people surrounding the main pool being at the foot of the colossal VIP containing 4 Areas.

Depending on the Party / artist the main Dj is placed on the main stage or in occasions on the first hours of the party the DJ is located in the middle of the pool area. VIP central (Main vip 2) are just as important for these events as VIP tables in the front I

Regarding the VIP areas, in Ushuaia the relevance of the area is related to proximity to the stage . The Main VIP 1 has 4 subsections A, B, C, D section A is the most exclusive and where the great fortunes book their tables. This area can range from 500 euros to 1000 euros per person depending on the party / Dj attending. For example on one session with AVICII paying the price of the table in August for 10 people can go from8000 euros , and up to 13000 euros depending on demand. In second place we have the area Main VIP 2, it is not the first position but as we described earlier for some events it is good location to have the DJ in front of your table playing in the pool. In this case prices can range from 250 euros to 600 euros per person.

Other than the Main VIP 1 and Main VIP 2 areas, we have the Palm section area where the views of the stage are less privileged so that the cost of a table is around 200 to 400 euros per person. Ushuaia has a VIP box called "La Nube" that stands out for its privacy and seclusion. This area is idea for the client contemplating their VIP tables in a space so that customers cannot be seen by the customers of the main room / dance floors. These tables prices can go from around 200 euros per person of minimum spent included.

No doubt if you visit Ibiza it is mandatory to spend at least one night in Ushuaia watching touch Avicci, Martin garrix, David Guetta, Steave Aoki, Nervo, Armin Van Buuren ... it is a magical experience and very different from the common concept of night club because being at Outdoors the sun, the day melt and give way to contemplate the evening enjoying a Great party in a privileged VIP area. A defo MUST in your Ibiza experience, and from IbizaTables we are happy to serve your needs by providing you the best quotes for the table prices at Uhsuaia.

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