Exclusive restaurants in Ibiza

Here is our ranking of exclusive restaurants in Ibiza. We recommend to try at least one of these before leaving the island, for they represent some of the top experiences and memories you will take back with you.

Lío ibiza

First of all we have Lio Restaurant and Club, one of the most famous and exclusive show & espectacle Restaurant / Disco in the world, well known for its top clientele on the likes of footballers such as Neymar, Cristiando Ronaldo, Messi... singers suck us Justin Bieber, Rihana and so on. The spectacle is formed by the best dancers, singers, choreographers and performers of the world, counting among them with ex-acrobats from the Cirque du Soleil. It is all presented with privileged views from the bay of Ibiza with the Dalt Vila (ancient wall) of Ibiza on the background the exclusive restaurant Lío has a menu that starts from the 175 euros minimum consumption per person, up to little fortunes that have come to be paid for a seat on the most demanded nights. The Lío show has several passes of performances, and the most appropriate time is to arrive is by 21:45h, so you can enjoy the whole performance. Then after the dinner / show the party continues, and the vip tables prices cost around 200 euros to 300 euros minimum spend per person. If you want to enjoy a dinner in Lío, it is very important to book with weeks and even months in advance. A concierge from Ibizatables will be always ready to arrange everything for you.


Secondly, and by no means lower than Lio, we have the Heart Exclusive Restaurant and its creative show & espectacle. It is located in the same area of Marina Botafoch, having same as Lio a combination of dinner + show. There are 3 prices available per person with a closed menu depending on the location of the table: 175 euros on the area a little further away, 225 euros on the good area, and 250 euros per person on the premium zone closer to the stage. These prices do not have drinks included and that is charged separately, depending on what the client orders. If you are in Ibiza at least one night you have to enjoy Heart, for it represents a magnificent experience both in the gastronomy and the creativity senses. The restaurant converts into a disco after the dinner/show ends, with VIP tables available to book. Depending on the DJ, event and month of the year the vip tables will have a minimum consumption starting at 150 - 200 euros per person.


It advertises itself as the most expensive restaurant in the world. The cover per person goes for around 1650 euros, and the restaurant can host up to 10 people only per night. It is located in the EnBossa area at the Hard Rock Hotel. His chef and creator is Paco Roncero. The clients will enjoy its 2 Michelin stars, plus an interactive tour and live private djs. If you want to feel as the most powerful person in the world you should certainly invite your friends to Sublimotion... but prepare the pocket because it is just within the reach of a lucky few, who can afford the Top Luxury Services in Ibiza. The tables at Sublimotion are sold out very soon in summer, so we recommend to our clients to book the tables well in advance with a concierge from IbizaTables.

STK Ibiza

This newcomer Exclusive Restaurant which debuted in 2016 in the Island is one of the sexiest modern steakhouses in the world. It is located at the Ibiza Corso Hotel & Spa, in the same exclusive Marina Botafoch area as Lio and Hearts. Customers can enjoy the finest quality steaks, including the 28-day aged USDA prime beef, providing the finest of textures. STK Ibiza is a brand new and super glamorous venue in Ibiza Botafoch, and offers not only wonderful dinning opportunities, but also live acts and guest Djs performing during the dinners. Vip Tables are available for the party after the dinner. Contact us if you need more information to book at STK Ibiza.

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