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Amnesia Ibiza Table Price

If you want to attend the best parties in Ibiza, then you must come to Amnesia Ibiza! This amazing club has has won three consecutive years the Best Global Club award, that’s a fact you must consider If you want to spend an unforgettable night, but you must be aware of the table price!

Amnesia has a capacity for 5000 persons and the club is always full of people ready for party! The table price for a VIP table in Amnesia depends on the date, availability and position of the table. There are also available Premium table and can be quoted upon request!

In Amnesia we have two clearly differentiated rooms, the Main room and The Terrace. Depending on the day of the week, one or other room takes higher priority and table prices increases, for it changes the DJ spinning on that night. For several years the Music On party on Fridays has been one of the main parties on the island, so the cost of their VIP Tables on the terrace have skyrocketed to enjoy in 1st person Djs on the level Marco Carola playing genius.

The Terrace area has 37 tables approximately and its price increases as they are closer to the DJ booth. There are 4 balconies / areas with approximately 8 tables per balcony. All these tables are first line and their views overlook the main the terrace. The price per person is usually 250 euros, ie. a table of 5 people goes for 1250 euros, as long as there is not much demand. Then from July and August on that same VIP table can have a minimum starting cost of 2000 - 2500 euros per table. In parties such as Music On the vip tables prices can range from 3000 euros the furthest to Marco Carola up to 10,000 euros or more, depending on the number of people closest to the DJ.

Then we have the Main Room room that has several balconies and vip table the price usually ranges from 300 euros per person to 500 - 700 euros per person depending on the following factors: if it is firstrows or second rows inside the balcony, on which the date is the party and finally the Dj attending. Each balcony has 7 VIP tables of which half are first line and the other second line. In this area Main Room there are no tables next to the dj as in the terrace, but the clients can enjoy an exclusive atmosphere above the crowds of the track. Cocoon on Mondays with Sven Väth is the second party most demanded Amensia party, mostly by Djs looking top for electronic music in the Island. In this Cocoon party the most popular VIP tables are in the main room area as it is where Sven Vath usually performs.

As for other important parties in Amnesia, we have Matiné on Saturdays which is quite popular and then other parties such Cream and House of Madness .These parties will have cheaper prices on VIP tables than Music On Fridays . The days appeling greater number of VIPs are the opening and closings of Amnesia, wheen the biggest fortunes of the world do not want to miss it, and for that reason they spend great sums of money in tables vip. Russians, Brits, Americans, Arabs, are the billinaire customers who demand the most exclusive tables and Ibiza Luxury Services each year.

If you want to enjoy Amnesia Ibiza in VIP style, and be able tell your grandchildren that you were there the best tables of one of the best discos in the world enjoying Marco Carola, Sven Vath and the start Djs roster attending the club, then it's your time to book your VIP table with ibizatables.

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